Coming up again with our new news!!!
The great news to our lucky winner!
Remember what we have to do on 30 March?
Yes, it's time for us to announce it.

We have found and selected the lucky winner.
For five days observations and choosing the right people to win, at last we decided that the most creative contestant goes to 

It's judged by our two bosses, Mr. and Madam CP GLOBAL INTERTRADE! Congratulations Saiazuan Blog! You win the man sling bag from MONT BLANC!!! Please email us your personal details at 

More contests will come up soon! Get ready people! More purchases, more gifts!

Can I select a fan who will win a valuable prize from CP GLOBAL INTERTRADE?

Since we have many social networks that can promote everything we love, we have and we sell, so, why not, we, CP GLOBAL INTERTRADE's teams, agreed to organize a contest involving Bloggers, Facebookers, and including of Twitter user. It sounds interesting? Watchayouwaitingforguys??? Let's join this. It's gana be great with your participation.

What should you do guys? Read carefully and thoroughly.

1. You must 'like' our facebook page to prove that you is really our fan!

2. Once you 'like' our Facebook Page, for Facebookers, write the note with the title " I'm a fan who will win a prize from CP GLOBAL INTERTRADE? ",  if Bloggers, compose a new post with the same title;  as well as Twitter users. 

3. Tag at least 3 friends. If you are from Facebook Contestant, you can tag your facebook friends, and if you are a blogger, you can tag your blogger friends and so with twitter users you can tag your twitter friends in order to spread the contest easily!

4. What will you do with the posting?  It depends on your own creativity how to promote our company, our fashions, our styles and our products available.

5. You can use photos, writing or painting as your promotion creativity!

6. You MUST share your artworks from Facebook, Blog or Twitter on our Facebook Page so that we can update and select the winner easily!

7. How do we determined the winner? It's so simple. It's 100% based on the creativity of your promotion will determine are you worthy to win. We get 2 smart judges to judge all of the participants and the family members, relatives and close friends of CP GLOBAL INTETRADE's Team are not allowed to participate this contest.

8. What's the prize? Let it be secret. Clue: It's from our product! Sensual lovely scent.

9. Always alert and keep updating any info and news from us, people!

10. The closing date will be on 25 March 2012.

11. The winner will be shout on 30 March. So, you must hurry to do this and ask lot's of your friends to shop from us! We will post the prize to the winner on 31st March 2012!

For Any Information; 

*Feedback is most certainly welcomed. Our Twitter!!! More contestants, more luck!!!

Maybe you are that lucky one. Why not you try your luck? Last date on 25 March 2012!


* Will be update more names from time to time. Hurry up people. Don't wait until close date!


-Untuk tempat pemanasan Essential Oil

-Untuk tempat pembakaran Ratus Dedes

Untuk pemanas dlm anglo Aroma Therapy


-Untuk menghilangkan letih dan capek
-Menyegarkan badan
-Mengharumkan Tubuh dan membantu menghilangkan sel2 kulit yg mati.

Rebus satu bungkus rempah mandi dg 5 liter air sampai mendidih. masukkan ke dlm Bathup atau ember besar yg sudah di isi dg air hagat..gunakan untuk berendam 15-30 menit



-Mengharumkan rambut sehabis keramas
-Membuat pakaian menjadi harum
-Membuat ruangan menjadi segar alami
-Untuk "V' treatment. mengharumkan dan 
mencegah keputihan

Cara Penggunaan : 
Buat bara api dlm sebuah anglo yg tertutup, bakar ratus secukupnya hingga berasap


Memperlancar peredaran darah di kaki,menghilanhkan letih dan pegal2,menghilangkan bau kaki,menyegarkan,mengharumkan,dan mengurangi kaki pecah2.

Seduh serbuk rendaman dg kira2 1 liter air hangat...lalu rendam kaki sambil di pijit2. Satu bungkus untuk 2 sampai 3 kali..gunakan seminggu 2 kali

Untuk Aroma Therapi,tersedia berbagai wewangian,seperti :Green Tea, Eucalyptus,Lavender,Sandallwood,Night Queen,Lemon,Rose,Ylang Ylang,Jassmine,Chempaka,White Musk,dan mash banyak lagi..

Teteskan dua sampai tiga tetes dlm air panas di dalam cawan anglo dengan lilin di bawahnya. Letakkan di mana anda suka...wangi Aromatherapy akan menyegarkan juga bagus untuk therapy kesehatan dg spesialisai masing2 essential oilnya

Bagi yang ingin borong untuk spa dan pusat kecantikan anda ataupun untuk kegunaan sendiri, sila email ke alamat:


MISS DIOR cherie


Miss Dior Cherie

Christian Dior Miss Dior Chérie is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

Miss Dior Cherie starts with very sweet strawberry punch and a brief flash of mandarin; the overall impression is closer to a strawberry-apple popsicle than the more sophisticated wild strawberry sorbet described in the notes. GIRLS and WOMEN would love this! Happy International Women's Day! You can get the special price for all items for today!!! ONLY TODAY! 8 MARCH 2012. You can show your appreciation to women by giving them a precious presents! Maybe you can get something from us......

*In 2011, Dior began to call Miss Dior Chérie simply “Miss Dior”, and to refer to the original Miss Dior as “Miss Dior Classic” or “Miss Dior Original”.

Man Office Shirt

The brilliant idea of keeping your cool when you are going to office or going to meet somebody's important,  and keep maintaining your elegance, please put yourself the best shirt. We get too many collections throughout the market nowadays, Valentino, Crocodile, Hermes, POLO, Armani Exchange, and lots to be detailed here.

With classic fit, pointed collar, cotton wear, front pocket, french cuffs and many more characteristics will make you always comfortable to look handsome wearing such these office wears!

You will be more confident with your exclusive style! Believe me. Let's shop with CP GLOBAL INTERTRADE !!!

It's all costed below RM 300 after less!!!

*Different with wholesalers price!!! Anybody who want us to be office wears supplier, please mail us, what brands do you like and your starting costing!!!


"Guess Watches is a timekeeping accessory company with a focus on lifestyle driven fashion."

Guess Bracelet Design With Guess Chain

Guess Small Round Gold Colour

Guess Small Round Blacky Gold Colour

Guess Small Round Light Gold Colour

Guess Black G Watch

Guess G Gold Watch

Guess Gold G Watch

Guess small round Purple Silver Watch

Guess Black and White Alternating Watch

Guess Engraved Open Close Silver Watch/ Bracelet

Guess Silver small boxes around Watch.

Guess Rectangular Bracelet Gold Design

Guess Black GUESS square Watch

Guess Gold GUESS square Watch

These are just our samples of GUESS Collections. To take order, please kindly fill the form HERE.  It's 'TIME' for fashion. Really. Do make yourself shine with sparkly watch, elegant style, although it's only be at your wrist!!! It's worth enough to make you happy with your style, with GUESS brand!

More stuffs on FACEBOOK !

For Any Information; 

Teaser: Sportive Elegant Set!

"For a package, you can get, 2 or 3 branded ORIGINAL items for only RM 259, RM 299, RM 399 and RM 499! It's really MEGASALES! More packages available soon. Girls, you must ready for all the gorgeous things come ahead! You will love it. Let's shopping."

- Elia Lungando
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